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Coltie for Administrators

Have you ever spent thousands of dollars on student recruitment without seeing an uptick in enrollment? Or does your recruitment strategy lack the ability to attract the right students for your university? If graduate student recruitment feels like an uphill battle, Coltie is for you. Coltie is a revolutionary social platform made to connect students and professors. Through our clever matching systems, in-depth video profiles, and engaging video feed, students and faculty can meet and network to achieve the right fit for their goals.

University administrators meeting

Coltie will Change the Way:

  • You recruit students for graduate programs and beyond

  • Your faculty and students connect for internships, conferences, research programs, and more

Students are more likely to engage with your recruiters or consider enrolling at your university if they can establish a personal connection with your faculty members. Put your best foot forward by ensuring your institution’s faculty have strong video profiles that showcase their programs and research in the best light.

Ask us how you can:

  • Use Coltie to build connections with potential students

  • Use Coltie to place students in research groups and assistantships within your institution.

  • How your faculty can claim and optimize their profiles for best success.

  • How our cutting-edge video feed and video profiles can engage students who may not

yet be familiar with your university.

Ready to Learn More?

Coltie makes it easy to advertise your graduate programs and highlight your faculty.

Contact us to learn more today.

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