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Coltie for Faculty

Coltie empowers faculty members to promote their research and connect with students
through engaging video profiles in an easy-to-use mobile app. Share insights into your work,

highlight open positions, and discover potential graduate students, all within an interactive
academic community.

Professor speaking to students
  • Share video highlights of your work with potential graduate students and the wider academic community.​

  • Videos you post to your profile will be shared in the video feed, reaching a pool of
    relevant faculty members and students with related interests.

  • What should you post to your video profile? Here are some ideas:

o Research program overview. Share the overall vision and potential impact of your research.
o Summary of a recent publication. Has your work been published? Share it with our community and reach like-minded academics.
o Facility tour. What makes your space special? Students love to see their
potential new working environment and learn about the culture of your research group.

Promote your research

Interact on the Video Feed

  • View recent research from academics just like you and engage with potential graduate students.

  • Meet and network with top applicants for REU, graduate, and postdoctoral positions.​

  • For the best and most relevant connections within the app, complete a full profile to get
    results tailored to you and your program.

Fill Out Your Profile to be Matched

  • Coltie’s modern video profiles go beyond the static profiles of most networking apps, allowing you to get to know the academics in your community and make more informed decisions about recruitment.

View Student Profiles

For Graduate Student Mentors

Coltie was created to better connect prospective students with the right graduate program fit. The app is perfect for:

  • Sharing open positions in your research group

  • Reaching prospective students who might not already be familiar with your work

  • Connecting with potential students via in-app chatting

Communicating in the app helps free up your email inbox!

Coltie app detail

For Faculty and Staff Advising Undergraduates

Coltie app detail

Coltie should be the first stop for undergrads on their journey to continuing education. Coltie can help you further their careers by:

  • Highlighting open REU or postdoctoral positions that may be a good fit for your undergraduates.

  • Allowing them create video profiles that lead to new opportunities for placement.

Ready to Learn More?

Coltie makes it easy to connect with graduate students that are passionate about your research and goals.

Contact us to learn more, or download the app in the Apple and Google Play stores today.

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