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We believe that every student deserves the chance to succeed, and that starts with access to accurate information. With Coltie, you can rest assured that you are getting the most up-to-date data on open positions, funding sources, and more. Our platform is designed to give you complete insight into the student experience, allowing you to make informed decisions about your future.

Student walking

- Daniel Stephens, Graduate Student, Civil Eng.

Morgan State University

"I sent over 200 personalized e-mails and received only 10 responses."

- Aparna Joshi, Graduate Student, Civil Eng.

Iowa State University 

"I worked every evening for two hours for a semester to build a spreadsheet of faculty and e-mail them."

Undergraduate Students

Normal Applications

  • Don't tell the whole story

  • Considering scores alone introduces bias

  • Bland

  • Impersonal

  • Makes it hard to stand out and show your skills

  • Hours of research and emails to find opportunities

Student at a table

Turn this..

Applications with Coltie

  • Tell your story

  • Bring the human element back into applications

  • Allow video resumes so you can really shine

  • Highlight your best attributes

  • Allow you to stand out from the crowd

  • No more hunting- Coltie brings opportunities to your fingertips that you may have otherwise missed

Build your profile, create a video resume. Share your accomplishments and showcase relevant projects.

Coltie app detail

..into this

​- Prof. Liang Dong, Elec. Comp. Eng.Iowa State University

​Faculty want more than a static application

​"For every student who passes our pre-application stage, we conduct a video interview to see how well they communicate."

Pro tip: Text the video to yourself to compress it. This will expedite upload.

How to Create your Video

  • Summarize your academic background, highlighting your most relevant knowledge, skills, interests, and accomplishments. Focus on what makes you a strong candidate.

  • Start with your most recent position and work backward, briefly explaining the roles and achievements at each position. Highlight how your experience prepared you for graduate school. If you have little work experience in the field you are looking to go into, don't worry. You'll be able to speak to the areas that fit and skip those that don't. If you have not had work experience, no worries. You can speak to your educational accomplishments in the next section. 

  • Mention specific achievements relevant to your goals for a graduate education that demonstrate your mastery and abilities. Discuss how these accomplishments would benefit your future advisor.

  • Discuss any industry-specific publications, courses, seminars, or organizations you are a part of. Highlight your commitment to continuous development.

Example Questions

Coltie provides you the best questions so you can focus on what matters

Coltie app detail
Length (< 3min)

and file size (< 100 MB)

Vertical Format

Get all you need in one angle

Coltie app detail

Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)

    • Approximately 10-week program over the summer

    • These are often paid positions

    • Build your resume with hands-on experience and the potential to publish original research

    • Build your network (Your REU advisor is a potential letter writer, mentor, or researcher advisor for graduate school)

    • The REU experience can help you explore your interests

  • Faculty post opportunities for REUs in the Coltie app. Based on your interests, Coltie will suggest matches to you. It’s that simple! 

Finding a graduate advisor

​Why is selecting a graduate advisor an important process and what do they do?

  • Academic and Research Guidance: A graduate advisor plays a pivotal role in shaping your academic and research journey. They provide guidance, mentorship, and expertise in your field of study, helping you navigate the complexities of your program and research.

  • Research Opportunities: Your advisor can help you identify research opportunities, projects, and areas of study that align with your interests and career goals. They can also connect you with resources, collaborators, and funding opportunities.

  • Professional Development: A good advisor can offer valuable insights into the academic and professional aspects of your field. They can help you develop your skills, assist in publishing research, and provide advice on networking and career advancement.

  • Networking: Advisors often have extensive professional networks within academia and industry. By working closely with your advisor, you can gain access to these networks, which can be instrumental in your academic and career development.

  • Letters of Recommendation: Advisors are typically in a position to provide strong letters of recommendation for job applications, fellowships, and further education. A positive recommendation from a respected advisor can significantly boost your prospects.​

  • ​Support and Encouragement: Graduate school can be challenging, and having a supportive advisor can make a significant difference in your overall experience. They can provide emotional support, encouragement, and help you navigate any obstacles or difficulties you encounter.

  • Alignment of Research Interests: It's important to choose an advisor whose research interests align with your own. This ensures that you will be engaged and motivated by the research you undertake, which is essential for a successful graduate experience.

  • Research Funding: Advisors often have access to research funding, and having a well-funded advisor can mean more resources and opportunities for your own research projects.

  • Compatibility and Working Relationship: The working relationship between you and your advisor is crucial. It's important to choose someone with whom you can effectively communicate, collaborate, and whose working style matches your own.

  • Career Goals: Your advisor can help you map out a plan for your academic and career goals. They can guide you in making important decisions about the direction of your research and the next steps in your career.

  • Cultural and Personal Fit: In addition to academic and professional considerations, it's important to consider the cultural and personal fit with your advisor. A positive and respectful working relationship is essential for a productive and fulfilling graduate experience.

In summary, selecting a graduate advisor is a decision that can significantly impact your academic and professional journey. It's important to carefully consider your options, conduct thorough research, and seek advice from current and former students before making this important choice.
Coltie app detail

At Coltie, we understand how important it is to find the right faculty to help you achieve your goals. That's why we created a specialized app that can match you with the faculty who will best help you advance your career or improve your skills. Using our innovative technology, you can easily browse through a list of faculty members, read about their specialties and areas of expertise, and select the best fit for you. Give Coltie a try today and find the perfect match for your needs.

How can Coltie help?

Graduate Students

Build your profile

Create videos

View videos from faculty, labs, and recent research.

Coltie app detail
Coltie app detail
Coltie app detail
Showcase your Research

Get others interested in your work, gain visibility for internship opportunities

Promote your Research Group

Help recruit other talented students to your group to enhance it's reputation and the scholarly environment

Show prospective students what grad school is all about - Video ideas: campus life, community, opportunities, advice about how to apply or choose a grad advisor

Share Insights

Tired of submitting the same old boring resumes and cover letters? Make a lasting impression with Coltie! Our app gives students the opportunity to create a personalized video that showcases their skills and experience. By allowing advisors and employers to see your personality, you are more than just another name on a piece of paper. Get ready to take your career to the next level with Coltie!

Video Resume
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