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Welcome to our FAQ section, where we aim to answer your most common questions and concerns.


If you can't find what you're looking for, don't hesitate to reach out to us directly, and we'll be happy to assist you.

  • How much does the Coltie App cost?

    • The Coltie App is free to download and free to use. As the Coltie App continues to grow, premium features will be introduced. For even these features, we are committed to keeping costs low for students to maximize access across the globe.

    How many faculty are on the Coltie App?

    • We have over 25,000 faculty members on the app, and this number is growing every day!

    What makes Coltie unique?

    • Coltie is designed specifically to connect academia. To make this happen, we made it one part “living resume”, one part matchmaking app, and one part video-based social media platform all centered on the academic world. This combination brings you the best opportunities, a high level of engagement, and an efficient way to consume information relevant to you as a scholar.

    What should I avoid in videos I upload?

    • Do not post any content that contains proprietary information. Don’t post negative or defamatory comments.

    Why is the number of matches limited?

    • Students - you will have the greatest success connecting with potential graduate advisors by taking a targeted approach instead of casting a wide net. Coltie helps you focus on potential advisors that most closely match your interests and qualifications. Faculty - you can trust Coltie to suggest matches that are the best fit for your research program to save you time.

  • Prospective Graduate Students

    How does Coltie benefit international students?

    • As if graduate school isn’t hard enough on its own, international students pursue a graduate degree in an unfamiliar place, and they are not afforded the opportunity to visit institutions prior to making this life-changing decision. Coltie provides an avenue for international students to connect with current graduate students and faculty, and our in-app video feed provides a window into research group culture, campus life, and advice from faculty and current graduate students. In these ways, Coltie bridges the information gap and makes “across the globe” feel a little closer.

    How does Coltie benefit students from underrepresented groups?​

    • Many students from underrepresented groups do not have access to mentors or research opportunities that can guide them to their best path to graduate school. Further, many faculty rely on a personal network and established "pipelines" to refer students. Faculty seeking to hire students from diverse backgrounds, including those from underrepresented groups, lack the training and insights needed to connect with and encourage these students to apply. Collectively, these issues prevent students in underrepresented groups from accessing many positions for which they are qualified. The Coltie app addresses these issues by providing students with access to the information they need and greater visibility to faculty.

    What if my research interests are not clearly defined?

    • Don’t know what you want to study just yet? Great! Coltie is an excellent place to explore your interests. We can help in two ways. First, the video feed provides a place to explore current research and graduate programs, and Coltie’s recommender system will gradually learn your interests. Second, if your research interests are broadly defined, we will still suggest matches. Coming soon - you will be able to choose to search for more matches similar to your favorites. 

    Current Graduate Students

    How does Coltie benefit current graduate students?

    • The Coltie App is an excellent way to promote your research and to stay up-to-date on developments in your field. Videos recommended to you will become tailored to your interests. As Coltie grows, we will add internship and employment opportunities to the app. So, start building your profile and academic social media presence today!

    What kind of video topics are recommended?

    • Our top pick for a place to start is a 3-minute thesis! Tell us the big picture story of your research. What problem are you solving? Why is the problem important? What will be the impact of your research? A video about a recent publication, your campus, advice to prospective students, or any topic relevant to academia is welcome. Be positive! Be creative! (Last but not least - make sure to avoid revealing any proprietary information.)

  • Faculty who advise graduate students

    I am not currently accepting students. Why should I claim my profile?

    • Having a faculty profile on the Coltie App is similar to having a faculty page on your university’s website with an important exception – students who are truly interested in your research can find you more easily. One of Coltie’s goals is to decrease the number of untargeted e-mails you receive from those students who are casting a wide net while increasing the quality of the requests you do receive. Some key points to consider:

      • Coltie’s video feed is an excellent way to promote your research to peers in your field.

      • If you are notified of a match with a prospective graduate student, you can view their profile and decide whether or not to connect.

      • Once you do post an opening in your group on your Coltie profile, your chance of being suggested as a match to a student increases.

      • Coltie provides an avenue for you to recruit postdoctoral candidates and undergraduate students for summer research.

      • Coming soon

        • Refer top students to your colleagues.

        • Indicate when all open positions in your group are filled.

    I am no longer accepting students and am retired or plan to retire soon. Why should I create a profile?

    • Coltie is a social platform designed to connect academia, and this includes a way to stay connected after you retire. When you create a profile, simply select “Emeritus or Retired Faculty.” First and foremost, we would love to hear from you! From your profile, you can create or upload videos, and students or junior faculty would greatly benefit from hearing your career story or advice on any topic relevant to academia. In this way, Coltie supports disseminated mentorship and allows your expertise to benefit a larger audience. If you would like help to create a video, reach out through our Contact form, and we can set up and edit an interview recorded over video conference. Second, Coltie’s video feed will gradually learn your preferences and provide a way to stay up-to-date on recent developments in your field. ​

    Faculty who advise undergraduates

    I conduct research with undergraduates and/or postdocs. Is Coltie right for me?

    • Absolutely! With Coltie, you can promote your research through our video feed and browse recent advancements in your field. You can also post openings for research experience for undergraduates (REU) and postdoctoral positions, and Coltie will suggest matches.

    I teach undergraduates and advise them. I do not have a research program. Is Coltie right for me?

    • You bet! Use Coltie to stay up-to-date on recent advancements in your field. We also encourage you to create videos to share with the Coltie community – share your career story or provide guidance for students who are considering research or graduate school. There will soon be more ways to connect!

  • Can my institution, college or department advertise our graduate program(s) in the Coltie App?

    • Yes, a video advertisement of 30 s, 90 s, or 3 min can be added to the Coltie video feed. We highly encourage videos that allow for a tour, “inside peek”, interviews with faculty or other experiences students might expect from an on-campus visit. The Coltie App is brand new – the video feed will gradually become more tailored to users’ interests as the amount of video content increases.

    Can an institution or graduate recruiter have a profile?

    • Not just yet! The Coltie App will soon allow institutions or graduate recruiters to create profiles. If you have suggestions or specific requests regarding the functionality of these profile types, we would love to hear from you! Please, reach out to us by e-mail at or through our Contact form.

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